Hexagon head bolts with hole on head, Hexagon head flange bolts, High strength large hexagon head bolts , High strength hexagon head bolts, Metric round head ribbed neck bolts, Round head bolts, Round head short square neck bolts, Square head bolts-Black , Steel bolted with hexagon bolts, stud bolt, threaded two-headed bolt, T-head bolts with square neck bolts, Screwd Studs, Type 1/2/3 U shape bolts , Metric thread stud bolts, Chipboard Screws, Concrete Screw, Drywall Screws, Hexagon flange head tapping screws , Hexagon socket button head screws, Hexagon socket head cap screws. standard including AS, ASME/ANSI, SATM, BS, CNS, DIN, GB, EN, GOST, HG, IFI, HB/QJ, ISO, JB, JIS, JG, NF, KS, PEM, QC, DL, TB, SJ, UNI, YJT etc.
Fasteners are used for fastening and a wide range of applications of a class of mechanical parts. Fasteners, using wide range of industries including energy, electronics, electrical appliances, mold, machinery, chemicals, metallurgy, hydraulic, etc. industries, in a variety of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, equipment , chemicals, instruments and supplies, such as the above, you can see a wide variety of fasteners, it is the most widely used machine parts. It is characterized by many different specifications, performance, use of different, and standardization, serialization, universal level is also very high. Therefore, it was also the existing national standards for a class called standard fasteners, or simply as standard including AS, ASME/ANSI, SATM, BS, CNS, DIN, GB, EN, GOST, HG, IFI, HB/QJ, ISO, JB, JIS, JG, NF, KS, PEM, QC, DL, TB, SJ, UNI, YJT etc.
acorn nuts, wheel nut, #6-12,1/4,7/16,9/16,3/4,1-1/8,1-1/4
cap nut, tuerca, M12/14/18/20/22*1.5
cone nut, конус гайка
conical nut (F), Коническая гайка
Nome: acorn nuts, wheel nut

Padrão: SAE J 483-2006


Nome: cap nut, tuerca

Padrão: QC308, QC309

Código: M12/14/18/20/22*1.5

Nome: cone nut, конус гайка

Padrão: DIN 1587-1987


Nome: conical nut (F), Коническая гайка

Padrão: DIN 6923-1983

Código: M5,M8,M10,M12,M14,M16,M20

flange nuts, фланцевые гайки
hex nuts, tuercas hexagonales
hex nuts, hexagonal nut
hexagonal nut, sechskantmutter
Nome: flange nuts, фланцевые гайки

Padrão: UNI5713


Nome: hex nuts, tuercas hexagonales

Padrão: QC306, QC307


Nome: hexagon nut, ecrou hexagonal

Padrão: EN28673-1992


Nome: hexagonal nut, sechskantmutter

Padrão: JIS B 1170-1994


hexagon nut, high strength nut
hochfesten muttern, 高強度ナット
porca de torque,  überwurfmutter
round nut, Круглая гайка
Nome: hex nuts, écrous hexagonaux

Padrão: BS 4190-2001


Nome: hochfesten muttern, 高強度ナット

Padrão: ISO 4775-1984


Nome: porca de torque, überwurfmutter

Padrão: GB/T 18230.4-2000


Nome: round nut, Круглая гайка

Padrão: CNS 4771-1979


slotted nut, tuerca ranurada
square nuts, écrous carrés
t nut, écrou
torque nut, hex nuts
Nome: slotted nut, tuerca ranurada

Padrão: ISO 7040-1997


Nome: square nuts, écrous carrés

Padrão: ASME/ANSI B 18.16.6-2008


Nome: t nut, écrou

Padrão: JB/T 8004.2-1999


Nome: torque nut, Écrou de couple

Padrão: ASME/ANSI B18.2.2-1986


u bolt, u-schraubes
wing nuts, барашковые гайки
carriage bolt, болт каретки
counter bolt, contre-boulon
Nome: u bolt, u-schraubes

Padrão: DIN 314-1999


Nome:wing nuts, барашковые гайки

Padrão: Parafuso de ancoragem-A/B/C/D


Nome: carriage bolt, болт каретки

Padrão: ASME-ANSI B 12.2.1-2010


Nome: counter bolt, contre-boulon

Padrão: AS/NZS 1390-1997

Código: M5,M8,M10,M12,M16,M20,M24

counter sunk bolt, boulons fraisés
eye bolt, olhal, oogbout
flange bolt, hex bolts
head bolt, schraube
Nome: counter sunk bolt, boulons fraisés

Padrão: JIS B 1179-1994


Nome: eye bolt, olhal, oogbout

Padrão: QC 174

Código: M4,M5,M6,M8

Nome: flange bolt, پیچ فلنج

Padrão: DIN 4444-1983

Código: M5,M8,M16,M24,M30,M36,M39

Nome: head bolt, schraube

Padrão: ASME/ANSI B 18.9-1977

Código: 5/16,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,3/4,7/8,1

heavy bolt, boulon lourd
hex bolt, sechskantschraube
hexagon head bolts, Болты с шестигранной головкой
high strength bolt,  bolte
Nome: heavy bolt, boulon lourd 

Padrão: CNS 3125-1980


Nome: hex bolt, sechskantschraube

Padrão: ASME/ANSI B 18.5-2008


Nome: Болты с шестигранной головкой

Padrão:ASMEB 18.2.1-1981, hexagon bolts


Nome: high strength bolt, høj styrke bolte

Padrão: JIS B 1180-1994


hub bolt, ハブボルト, Boulon de moyeu
parafuso redondo, hex bolts
parafuso, cap screw
plum bolts, parafusos de ameixa
Nome: hub bolt, ハブボルト,

Padrão: HB/QJ 2365-1992, Boulon de moyeu


Nome: parafuso redondo, الترباس جولة

Padrão: NF E 25-504-1-2003

Código:M8, M10*1, M12*1.5, M16*1.5

Nome: parafuso, cap screw 

Padrão:AS /NZS 1252-1996 8.8 grad


Nome: plum bolts, parafusos de ameixa

Padrão:NF E 25-801-4-2005


rnillo de alta resistencia, bысокопрочные болты
round bolt, runde schraube
round bolt, tornillo redondo
self drilling screw, 自己穿孔ねじ
Nome: rnillo de alta resistencia

Padrão: bысокопрочные болты

Código: M5,M6,M8,M10,M12,M14

Nome: round bolt, runde schraube

Padrão: ASME/ANSI B 18.5-1998

Código: #10,1/4,3/8,7/16,1/2,5/8,3/4,7/8,1

Nome: round bolt, tornillo redondo

Padrão: BS 4933-1973


Nome: self drilling screw, 自己穿孔ねじ 

Padrão: BS 916-1953

Código: 1/4,5/16,7/8,1/2,5/8,3/4,1, 1-1/8

socket screw, шестигранником
square bolt, parafuso quadrado
T bolts, T болты
thread bolt, parafuso de rosca
Nome: socket screw, шестигранником

Padrão:ASME/ANSI B 18.5-2008


Nome: square bolt, parafuso quadrado

Padrão:HB/QJ 1-304-1983


Nome: T bolts, T болты

Padrão: DIN186-1988


Nome: thread bolt, parafuso de rosca

Padrão: BS 2693-1-1956


tornillo de rosca, болт нить
wheel bolt, болт колеса
anchor bolts, Анкерные болты
ball screw, tornillo de bola
Nome: tornillo de rosca, болт нить

Padrão: JIS B 2809-1977


Nome: wheel bolt, болт колеса 

Padrão: DIN 976-1-1995


Nome: anchor bolts, Анкерные болты

Padrão: DIN7505-1986


Nome: ball screw, tornillo de bola

Padrão: YJT /XY 1003-2014

Código: 7.5*52/92/112/132/15/182/202/212

chipboard screws, facsavar
concrete screw, vis en béton
drywall  screws, gips skruer
stud, goujon mecanique
Nome: chipboard screws, facsavar

Padrão: 6#14~70, 7#16~80,

Código: 8#16~160, 10#16~120

Nome: concrete screw, vis en béton

Padrão: ISO 10509-1992

Código: ST2.2,ST4.2,ST5.5,ST6.3,ST8,ST9.5

Nome: drywall screws, gips skruer

Padrão: ISO 7380-2004


Nome: stud, goujon mecanique

Padrão: ASME/ANSI B 18.3-2003