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Brake chamber, Clutch Booster, Clutch master cylinder, Air Dryer, Exhaust Brake Valve, Hydraulic Exhaust Brake Valve,Batteryfly Valve, Brake master cylinder, Circuit protecting valve, Relay valve, Quick release valve, Unloading valve, Differential type relay valve, SABS Valve.

Braking system role is to make driving in the car, in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the driver slow down or even stop; so has suspended car in a variety of road conditions (including the ramp) stable parking; so downhill with car rate remained stable. Automobile braking action can only be the role and the direction opposite to the direction of cars traveling in the car outside force, and the size of these forces are random, uncontrollable, and therefore must be installed on a range of specialized equipment in order to achieve car with the above functions, Brake spare parts include: Clutch Booster, Clutch Slave Cylinder, Clutch Master Cylinder, Air Dryer, Auto Valve, Master Cylinder, Spring Brake Chamber, Relay valve, Exhaust brake valve, Quick release valve, Unloading valve, Multi-protection valve, Differential type relay valve, SABS Valve
car remcilinder
brake chamber
тармазная камера, chambre de frein
bremse kammer
счапленне руля, embrayage
cilindro mestre da embreagem, clutch master sylinder
Name: remcilinder, Câmara de freio

Code: 35-30R23; Pressure:0.8~1.0MPa;

Usage: Passenger car

Name: brake chamber, غرفة الفرامل

Pressure:0.8~1.0MPa; Temper:-40℃~+80℃

Usage: Commercial vehicle

Name: тармазная камера, chambre de frein

Code: 30/30-S; Temper:-40℃~+80℃

Usage: Pickup truck and SUV

Name: гальмівна камера, brzdový valec

Code: 24/24,30/30-A; Pressure:0.8~1.0MPa

Usage: Passenger car

Name: счапленне руля, embrayage

Cylinder diameter: Air:¢70; Hydraulic:¢15.87

Stroke: 25/35mm; 97/168/230mm

Name: cilindro mestre da embreagem,

diameter: ¢70 & ¢22, clutch master sylinder

Stroke:25/35mm; 97/168/230mm

clutch booster
refuerzo de embrague, ripetitore della frizione
cilindro maestro del freno, huvudbromscylindern
clutch master cylinder
kupplung Hauptzylinder
pompa frizione, koppeling hoofdremcilinder
Name: clutch booster, معززة مخلب

Cylinder diameter: Air:¢90; Hydraulic:¢22

Stroke:25/27/35; 101/217/227mm

Name: refuerzo de embrague,

diameter: ¢105 & ¢22, ripetitore della frizione

Stroke: 25/27/40; 110/217/230mm

Name: cilindro maestro del freno,

Dia:¢20.64;stroke:32, huvudbromscylindern

Pressure:9MPa; Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

Name: clutch master cylinder,

Dia:¢22; Stroke:36.5mm, مخلب الاسطوانة الرئيسية

Pressure:9MPa; Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

Name: галоўны цыліндр счаплення

D:¢25.4; stroke:35mm, kupplung hauptzylinder

Pressure:9MPa; Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

Name: koppeling hoofdremcilinder

Dia:¢15.87; Stroke:33mm, pompa frizione

Pressure:9MPa; Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

air dryer
Lufttrockner, Ilmankuivain
truck droger, Secador de camiones
грузовик сушилка
exhaust brake valve
valvola di freno motore, válvula de freio de escape
Name: air dryer, مجفف هواء

Tem:-40℃~+80℃; Max Pressure:1.3MPa;

Power:100W, IN: M22x1.5; OUT:M22x1.5

Name: lufttrockner, Ilmankuivain

IN:1/2-14NPT; OUT:1/2-14NPT

CONTROL:1/4-18NPT; Power:24V/75W

Name: truck droger, secador de camiones

IN:M22x1.5; OUT:M22x1.5; Power:100W

Dry Efficiency:Relative Humidity ≤30%

Name: грузовик сушилка, مجفف شاحنة

IN: Rc 1/2; OUT:Rc 1/2; CONTROL:Rc 1/4

Power:70W; Volts of Heater:24V

Name: exhaust brake valve, صمام العادم الفرامل

Code: 8152130148

Usage: BMW Messager Car

Name: válvula de freio de escape

Code: DZ91003600, valvola di freno motore

Usage: AUMAN Truck

uitlaatremklep, eksosbrems ventil
выхлап тармазной клапан, abgas bremsventil
brake master cylinder
bremse master cylinder,  cylindre de frein
hauptbrems zylinder, hoofdremcilinder
cilindro mestre do freio, pompa freno
Name: uitlaatremklep, eksosbrems ventil

Code: W9719360005

Usage: HOWO Dump Truck

Name: выхлап тармазной клапан

Code: AZ9112530178, abgas bremsventil

Usage: Steyr Heavy Duty Truck

Name: brake master cylinder,

Code: WG9719(φ25.4) اسطوانة الفرامل الرئيسية

Usage: Trailer

Name: maître cylindre de frein

Code: WG9719230013/2(φ25.4)

Usage: Truck, bremse master cylinder,

Name: hauptbrems zylinder, hoofdremcilinder

Code: M51-160251013

Usage: Dump Truck

Name: cilindro mestre do freio, pompa freno

Code: 1602150-D160

Usage: Pickup Car

protection valve
soupape de protection
bescherming ventiel
valvola di protezione, válvula de protección
soupape de relais, relaisklep
Name: protection valve, صمام حماية

Code: 3515N-010

Usage: Light & Heavy Duty truck

Name: soupape de protection,

Code: 3515Z01-010, zawór zabezpieczający

Usage: Dump truck

Name:bescherming ventiel,válvula de proteção


Usage: Fuel Tank Car

Name: valvola di protezione,

Code:3543ZD2A-001, válvula de protección

Usage: Truck Crane

Name: relaisventil, صمام التتابع

Code: 3527D-010

Usage: SUV Car

Name: soupape de relais, relaisklep

Code: 3522Z07-010

Usage: Heavy Duty Truck

relaisventil, válvula de relé
relay valve, ускорительный клапан
release valve, ablassventil
avlastningsventil, soupape de décharge
valvola di rilascio
injap keluaran
Name: relaisventil, válvula de relé

Code: 3527Z24-010

Usage: Messager Car

Name: relay valve, ускорительный клапан

Code: 3527ZB1-010

Usage: Dump Truck

Name: release valve, ablassventil

Code: 3527Z41-010

Usage: EQ3208

Name:avlastningsventil,soupape de décharge

Code: 3533N-010

Usage: EQ153

Name:valvola di rilascio,válvula de liberação

Code: 3533E1-010

Usage: EQ140

Name:Quick release valve

Code:  3543D-010-B

Usage: Pickup Car

unloading valve
разгрузны клапан
valvola di scarico, válvula de descarga
relay balbula
Name: unloading valve, صمام التفريغ


Usage: EQ145.153

Name:разгрузны клапан, zawór rozładunku

Code: 3512N-010

Usage: EQ1141G

Name:valvola di scarico, válvula de descarga

Code: 3512N-010

Usage: EQ1141G、EQ1242G

Name:avlastningsventil, βαλβίδα εκφόρτωσης

Code: 3512N-010


Name:relay balbula, válvula de relé

Code: 42518B1-010

Port: 3×M22×1.5-6H, 2×M22×1.5-6H

Name:relaisklep, reläventil


Port: 3×M22×1.5-6H, 2×M22×1.5-6H

relay valve, relaisventil
relay balbula, relé ventilu
load sensing proportional valve
прапарцыйны клапан, suhteellinen venttiili
proportionalventil, válvula proporcional
valvola proporzionale, válvula proporcional
Name: relay valve, relaisventil

Code: 7238A6-010

Port: 3×M22×1.5-6H, 2×M22×1.5-6H

Name: relay balbula, relé ventilu

Code: 6398A4-010

Port: 4 ×NPT3/8-6H,NPT3/8-6H

Name:load sensing proportional valve,

Code: 24512416, الصمام النسبي

Usage: Light Truck

Name: прапарцыйны клапан,

Code: 24510337, suhteellinen venttiili

Usage: Heavy Duty Truck

Name: proportionalventil, válvula proporcional

Code: 3542NA181

Usage: Pickup truck

Name:valvola proporzionale,

Code: SY65003513001

Usage: Trailer, válvula proporcional

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